Corporate Training

You Just Get Stronger In-Home Personal Training doesn’t just go to people’s homes; we go to offices too!

We come to your office to offer your employees workouts that can be performed in any multi-purpose room, conference room, or fitness center if your building has one. We can use provide resistance bands and many bodyweight exercises that will show your employees that fitness and wellness are always an option.

What We Offer:

  • We will give your employees a break in the day with an invigorating and fun workout that increases energy, focus, blood flow, and endorphins for heightened productivity.

  • More confidence from your employees that their company cares about their mental and physical well-being.

  • Employee health assessments, weigh-ins, weight loss challenges, and nutritional guidance and support.

  • We will help your company build a culture of health and wellness that carries over into their lives outside of the office.

  • A potential tax write-off for your business or organization.

  • Team workouts that strengthen participation, team moral and a more focused and happier employee.

You Just Get Stronger Personal Training will conduct weekly or bi-weekly check-ins with employees including results tracking, weigh-ins, and support to all employees that want to take part in living a healthier lifestyle.