Youth & Teen Training


Do you have a child or teen that is in sports? Do they just need to put down the phone and get a little more exercise? Do you just want them out of your hair for an hour? You Just Get Stronger In-Home Personal Training is the answer to all the above.

Our certified personal trainers design programs from beginners to advanced level athletes. We will guide and instruct proper lifting techniques, build strength and endurance, all the while making it a fun and engaging experience.

What We Offer:

  • Technique and education in proper form for strength exercises and cardio endurance.

  • Guidance to make sure that all exercises and workouts are performed safely and effectively.

  • Motor skills and neuro-muscular coordination.

  • Education and instructions for exercises that improve agility and technique.

  • Instruct and inspire children and teens that not only is physical fitness necessary for a healthy life, but that it can also be fun.

  • We work to build self-esteem and confidence in all youth that they are fully capable of a little challenge and that they can accomplish anything they set their mind to.

Our trainers are approachable, friendly, but work to challenge any child or teen that is interested in sports training and physical fitness training. We do this by conducting drills, games, and teach the fundamentals of fitness and sports training.